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TRH-11S Series

Tight transformer Primary voltage:0-100-110-120 Secondary voltage:0-100-110-120

Electrostatic shield is included as standard.

It increased intensity by robust structure of terminal block.

Safety-conscious by elevates sidewall among terminal blocks.

We introduce C type cover, which is vibration-insensitive.

The material of terminal block is oil resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance (UL94V-O).

It resolved sliding tools by approach terminal blocks to core.
(Unless some models. For details, please contact us.)
Model name PDF CAD
TRH100-11S CADDownload
TRH150-11S CADDownload
TRH200-11S CADDownload
TRH300-11S CADDownload
TRH500-11S CADDownload
TRH750-11S CADDownload
TRH1K-11S CADDownload

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